Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology is an interesting topic, and the students need to work hard to find out the topic that they believe is interesting enough for them to work on. Psychology is a vast field; therefore, you need to understand the topic that you want to write your dissertation on. If you are not aware of the topic that you have chosen, it will cause a problem for you when you are required to work on its dissertation. Some of the topics from which you can choose are mentioned below

Topics based on Cognitive Psychology

The investigation of the brain is carried out in cognitive psychology. In this branch of psychology, a deep analysis of the working of the brain is performed by using various processes such as neuropsychology and computer modeling. Some of the topics that the students can use for their dissertation are mentioned below

  1. In information processing, how important are cross-modulation and feedback?
  2. Provide a comparison between the emotion, anxiety disorders and impaired social cognition.
  3. What are neural mechanisms and pathways, and how are they used in the process of identifying an object by the implicit visual processing?
  4. Can we understand the brain function completely by using the MRIs?
  5. Explain the subliminal perception. Does it exist?

Topics based on Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology deals with the changes in the behavior of the children over a period. Some of the topics related to developmental psychology are mentioned below

  1. Explain face stimuli. How does it affect the growth of the human ventral pathway?
  2. In children, what are the action planning and scale errors?
  3. Explain Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Is it still valid after the various discoveries in cognitive neuroscience?
  4. What is the significance of the acquirement of culture in a child’s development?
  5. Explain plasticity, and how does it affect the visual cognitive development?

Topics based on Social Psychology

Social psychology deals with the interaction of individuals in different groups. This branch deals with the examination of the behavior of individuals under the influence of other individuals. Some of the topics based on social psychology are stated below.

  1. Explain the behavioural game theory. How does it help in real-life social interactions?
  2. With the help of the social intuitionist model, how can you evaluate the impact of reason and emotion?
  3. Explain the enduring legacy of cognitive dissonance
  4. What is the Behaviour Stimulus Interaction theory?
  5. In collective behaviour, what are agent-based computation models?


The overall dissertation will turn out perfect if you conduct perfect research and a brainstorming session. Therefore, you must choose a topic that you find easy to understand and write about. If you write about a topic that you do not like, then you will have a hard time completing your dissertation, which would affect the overall quality of your work, which, in turn, would affect your grades. You need to check double all the information that you give in the dissertation. If you are not sure about something, it is better not to discuss it.