What is the correct dissertation prospectus format?

A proper dissertation prospectus can make all the difference e in the world in the success or failure of your life’s work. You must follow simple steps to make it as successful as possible. Ibuyessay.com is the best service that will help you with this.

  • Title page. This is where you present an attention-grabbing title, one that makes the reader interested. You should include your name, area of study and any other identifying information.
  • Problem Statement. In this section, you will provide a one or two paragraph discussion which presents information as to what your dissertation is about. You should address the current research on your topic and why there is an open question that needs to be resolved. You need to provide a justification for undertaking the answering of that question with evidence the question exists. You must present your purpose for conducting the research contained in your dissertation.
  • Significance. In this section you must state how your dissertation answers the question you presented in your problem statement. You must explain the original contribution you will make to the topic and how your conclusions will have a practical and substantive impact in the subject area of your dissertation. A good way is to promote the change it will make in the professional or social climate. It is important that you provide information which gives the reader the answer to the question who cares if this study is done?
  • Background. In this section, you will address the main sources of support for the asseverations you make in the problem statement. You must show that you are basing your study on the findings and evidence of other scholarly works.
  • Framework. In this short paragraph, you must provide the theories or concepts in which you will ground your research and scientific study. It should be based on the question presented, the purpose of the dissertation, and the background of your study. The framework will inform others as to your process and methods employed during your analysis
  • Research Questions. Here you will list the questions rose surrounding the purpose of your study. It can be one central question, or a series of related question that will be answered by your research.
  • Nature of Your Study. It is in this section where you will outline a concise description of the approach you will undertake to answer the questions raised, particularly the steps and procedures you will utilize when conducting your research and scientific study. You can use a quantitative or qualitative method, which ever fits your designed program.
  • Sources of Information and data. This is a list of all possible sources of information that will be used in your study.
  • References. Include a properly formatted complete list of all references relied upon in your study.